Energy of the Sick

One day

on a whim

life decides to give you her attention

so much of it

all at once.


Heaviness like gravity spreads all over

It’s feverish

skin moist and sticky.


A balloon for a head almost floating away

nose, lips and eyes already detached

swimming in space

limps flailing to catch what escaped.

Butterfly hunting.


Meanwhile, ears are piercing though the skull

strings lowered in both earholes.



Bones like cotton

headaches made of ink

for the bones to soak up.


And here you are born again as a rock

with no voice

to communicate

kicked around

and into the wetness

to sink




You give in to the flow

finally! you stubborn rock!

and a waltz occurs

it pleasurable at first

but the spinning does not stop

and your eyesight is snatched.


You are blind

you are deaf

you cannot taste or smell.


But it’s all right

it does not last for too long

for soon you recover from your flu

and life does not find you attractive anymore.

Shaikha ALsuwaidi